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Not Your Average Copier Rep...

How many times have you had a visit or call from a copier rep, and thought to yourself, "Oh geez, ANOTHER copier rep!"? You feel the easiest way to get them off the phone or out of your office is to tell them that you are in a long term contract and not interested.

Most, not all, copier reps come in and want to upgrade your copier for a like for like machine and save you a few bucks, however, are they REALLY saving your company money.

  • Did they ask all the right questions to determine what the best solution would be for you and your company?
  • Did they LISTEN to your answers? And did they propose a solution that would help you achieve and even exceed your expectations?
  • Do they really have the customers best intentions put first...or are they more concerned about the pay day?
  • Finally, if they were lucky enough to get the deal, did they follow up and keep all the promises they made?
  • Or are they the copier rep that only calls when your lease is ending and they are ready to sell you a new machine?
  • Do you even know your sales rep's name (not the technician you see that comes to fix it)??

BUT what if you were able to work with someone who is NOT just another copier rep? What if you were able to deal with a professional person and company that actually takes the time to listen, review and follow through with every promise made? What is you actually got the personal attention you and your company expect and deserve? And what if, getting ALL this didn't cost you any more than you are paying now, and maybe even saves you money, what would all this mean for you and your company?

That is what we do, why we have been successful and have an almost 100% customer retention rate. We have always done what is in our customers best interest and give the personal hands on service they expect and deserve. Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say about it (can be found at, LinkedIn, Facebook & of course Google).  

Do the right thing for you and your company and reach out to me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION assessment of your current situation.

Call NJOS at 732-NJOS-LLC (656-7552), email me at